Information for researchers

The Quality of Life survey provides a rich source of information on aspects of life in New Zealand’s urban areas.

The data from 2022 and earlier surveys may be of interest to non-council researchers, and the project management team would like to make the data available to support additional research that will add value to the broader project. The data are available to researchers working within academic institutions, government agencies, or independently, subject to certain conditions.

Applications to access the data will be reviewed and assessed by the project management team. In assessing applications, the project management team will balance the benefits of data access with its obligations to act as guardians of the information supplied by individuals.

A key element of this is considering the impacts of research on the communities these data come from and how the research outputs might be shared with these communities.

If you are interested in accessing the data from 2022 or previous years please read the data access policy and feel free to get in touch with us with any queries.

 Data access policy
 Data application form
 External researcher agreement